Wednesday, September 12:  After lunch we make a short stop for photos in the pretty town of Nafplio.  Sitting beneath the Palamidi Fortress on the Argolic Gulf, this town of narrow streets, Venetian houses, and neoclassical mansions was the first capital of Greece after Independence (between 1833 and 1834).  It had such a strategic position as a major port that it had three fortresses: the huge fortress of Palamidi, the smaller Akronafplia and the tiny Bourtzi on an islet west of the old town.

We only stop briefly near the tiny Bourtzi Fortress, which sits on an island near Nafplio’s port.  The Venetians built most of the existing structure.

the island fortress of Bourtzi in Nafplio

Looking toward the town, we can see quayside cafes and boutiques.

cafes along the quayside in Nafplio

Marie-Claire and I take pictures of each other with a view over the Argolic Gulf.

Marie-Claire in Nafplio

Me in Nafplio

If we could have stayed longer, I might have taken one of these little vehicles for a spin around the town…

Looking inland, we can see the Palamidi Fortress standing on a 216 meter-high rock.  Built by the Venetians between 1711 and 1714, it’s regarded as a masterpiece of military architecture, according to Lonely Planet Greece.   It’s a typical baroque fortress.  In 1715 it was captured by the Turks and remained under their control until 1822, when it was captured by the Greeks.

According to Wikipedia, there are approximately 857 steps in the winding stairs from the town to the fortress. However, to reach the top of the fortress there are over one thousand. Locals in the town of Nafplio will say there are 999 steps to the top of the castle, and specials can be found on menus that incorporate this number to catch a tourist’s eye.

Sadly, we don’t have time to climb up the estimated 999 steps to the top, because we have to move on to Epidauros.

the Palamidi Fortress overlooking the quaint town of Nafplio

About nomad, interrupted

As of August 10, 2017, I'm now taking a break from living abroad. I'm living in Oakton, Virginia and looking for my next opportunity. Last year, I lived in China and taught English at Sino-Canadian International College. I also taught at a university in Nizwa, Oman for two years, and in Korea's public schools for one year. I love to travel and have been to 30 countries.

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  1. adinparadise says:

    I’m disappointed in you and Marie Claire. You could surely have run up and down those 999 steps in record time. 😀 That Bourtzi Fortress looks very picturesque. Love the photos.

    • Haha, you’re funny! I am usually the kind of person who wants to climb to the highest point of every place I visit and was disappointed that our stop in Nafplio was so brief. No time to run up those 999 steps…. ! Next time I have to spend some more time on the mainland. How I wish I could live and work in Greece for a year! I’m glad you like the photos and I loved that little fortress too! 🙂

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