Wednesday, September 5:   I spend the rest of the afternoon in Oia wandering around, popping in and out of shops, taking pictures, and trying to keep myself awake so I can make it till sunset.  It’s 4:00 in the afternoon, still 3 hours to wait.  The sun is beating down on me and I am fading fast.  If my hotel was in Oia, I could go take a nap and then come back out, but if I give up now, I will have to drive all the way back to the south of the island and I’ll miss Oia’s famous sunset.

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I stop in at a little internet cafe, just so I can sit for a bit.  The young exuberant Greek shopkeeper, when he finds out I’m American, tells me he is going to America to work.  Feeling a little jaded about the U.S. economy, I ask him what he will do there.  He says, “Make a lot of money!”  Hmmm.   Does he know the situation in the USA right now?  He tells me there is a large Greek community in Astoria, New York, so he will go for six months, make big bucks, and come back.  He doesn’t say what kind of work he will do.  I’m a little skeptical but I don’t want to burst his bubble.

I realize I am just too tired to walk around for 3 more hours.  The big bruschetta lunch, along with the beer, did me in.  I decide to leave and drive back to Villa Galinia.   Oh well, maybe I will see the sunset tonight in Akrotírion, after taking a nap, and I’ll just come back to Oia another night.

About nomad, interrupted

As of August 10, 2017, I'm now taking a break from living abroad. I'm living in Oakton, Virginia and looking for my next opportunity. Last year, I lived in China and taught English at Sino-Canadian International College. I also taught at a university in Nizwa, Oman for two years, and in Korea's public schools for one year. I love to travel and have been to 30 countries.

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  1. Reblogged this on a nomad in the land of nizwa and commented:

    a sleepy afternoon in Oia…

  2. adinparadise says:

    Lovely pics again, Cathy. That Santorini blue is just divine. 🙂

  3. Carol says:

    If ever I get that far, I must go to Santorini! It is just gorgeous!

  4. Those blues and whites are stunning.

  5. Marco says:

    Soooooooooooooo close yet so far, hey? How many jumping sheep did you count when you got back to your room? Maybe it was the same one on a loop?

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